Manufacturing Range of Carbon Steel Pipes

Manufacturing Range

Pipes with 2.0 to 30.0mm outer diameters and 0.2 to 3.5mm thickness can be manufactured.


Standards and applications of steel pipes

JIS standard and name Code Application
JIS G 3445
Carbon?steel tubes?for machine?structure
Machines, motorcars, motorbikes, furniture, fixtures and other machine parts
JIS G 3472
Electric resistance?welded?carbon steel?tubes for automobile
For automotive construction (regular parts)
Carbon Steel Precision Tubes for Hydraulic Line Service OST-1,OST-2 Any machine requiring hydraulic piping
JIS G 3454
Carbon?steel tubes?for pressure?service
STPG370,410 High pressure plumbing under 350 degrees Celsius
JIS G 3455
Carbon steel pipes?for high pressure service
STS370,410 Very high pressure plumbing under 350 degrees Celsius
JIS G 4051
Carbon?steels for machine structural use
S45C Steel pipes for cut/shave processing and hot environments
JIS G 3441
Alloy steel tubes for machine purposes
SCM415,430,435 Alloy steel pipes for machinery, motor vehicles and other machinery parts

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Drawn Steel Pipes