Drawn Steel Pipes

Nishiyama’s unique technology?
the key to achieving
small-diameter steel pipes
with ultra-small diameter and thinness

Nishiyama pipes are utilized as important constituent components in vehicles, construction machinery, industrial machinery and more. Our 6mm or less outer diameter precision pipes enjoy a significant share of the market.


Special characteristics of carbon steel pipes

Manufacturing Range
Carbon Steel Pipes

Nishiyama’s expertise for building high quality into products.

Manufacturing Methodology

  1. Insert the pipe in the hole of the die, draw it through to reduce the size and stretch it out.
  2. When drawing it through the hole, insert a plug (core) in the pipe to adjust the inner diameter and thickness for high dimensional accuracy products.
  3. This process is repeated to make thinner and smaller pipes.
drawn tubes image1 drawn tubes image2

Product Descriptions

Small-diameter steel pipes
Small-diameter steel pipes Pipes are repeatedly annealed and drawn to make high-quality, small-diameter pipe products. Order-made pipes are manufactured with the dimensions and mechanical properties required by customers.
Irregular-shaped pipes
Irregular-shaped pipes Irregular-shaped pipes can be made by combining dies and plugs of various forms.
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Example customer processing Used for a broad spectrum of applications including as components in four- and two-wheel vehicle engines, transmissions and brake systems, and as piping and joint pipes in construction and factory machinery.
Manufacturing Range
Carbon Steel Pipes