Akita Factory

Akita Factory

Main factory where high-quality steel pipes are produced under a superior labor environment closely associated with the local community.

Our specialty is high-precision small-diameter thin pipes drawn an average of 3.1 times until product completion with a daily drawing length of 250km, the best in the industry.

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Features of Akita Factory

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    Significant market share Nishiyama pipes are utilized as important constituent components in vehicles, construction machinery, industrial machinery and more. Our 6mm or less outer diameter steel pipes enjoy a significant share of the market.
    Daily drawing length of 250km is the best in the industry Our pipes are drawn an average of 3.1 times until production completion and have a daily drawing length of 250km, the best in the industry. In one day, we produce 6 million pipes weighting a total of 25 tons and with a total product length of 130km. Our pipes are used in various components for vehicles, construction machinery, industrial machinery, and more.
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    Heating Pipes are annealed using Non-oxidizing firing furnace without scales for an extremely beautiful surface finish that does not require pickling.
    A curtain of blue flame prevent air from entering the furnace.
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    Akita Bijin Pipe This special specification product is treated with our unique cleaning method to remove fine surface deposits.
Drawn Steel Pipes
Main Equipment
Drawing machines 14 Non-oxidizing firing furnace 5
Straightening machines 11 Cutting machines 6
Swaging machines 9 Bijin Pipe surface cleaning 2
Eddy current flaw detectors 5 Bonderizing equipment 1
Alkali cleaning 1 Effluent plant 1
Lubricating oil tanks 2 Anti-rust oil tanks 3
Factory Overview
Address 50, Aza-tsutsumizoe, Omonogawa-machi Yachi Shinden, Yokote-shi, Akita 013-0204
TEL +81-182-22-2171
FAX +81-182-22-4541
Production capacity 600 tons/month (only steel pipes)
Employees 110
Total area 19,303m²
Building area 8,554m²
By train
Approx. 40 minutes by car from Oomagari Station or approx. 30 minutes by car from Yokote Station.
By airplane
70km from Akita Airport (approx. 70 minutes by car)